Rounding up the ride


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End of last year and the first month of this year was a hell of a ride. I was setting up a business together with my friend which was cancelled due to some issues .Then I got an offer to supply some cakes to local café (which was quite successful) but then I stopped it (only after a month) because I couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand.  Not to mentioned some cake orders for Christmas, New Year and Valentine. Continue reading

Chicken Wings Satay


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Satay is one of the most famous dish from South East Asia. I don’t really know the origin of satay. Some people claim it as Malaysian dish, some other said it is Thai food, but if you look into Wikipedia, it is actually originated from Java, Indonesia. But who cares, all I know, Indonesian satay tasted the best (well, at least for me)… Continue reading

Super Simple Spicy Noodle


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As I mentioned before, noodle has always been my favorite carb-loaded dish. No matter how I try prevent myself from indulging the dish so much, I’m still drawn to it whenever it is available. So I kinda forgave myself from losing my control in Isetan when I found out that they were having dry noodle sale. They had a various range of dry noodle, from dry Udon,  dry Somen, dry Ramen, all the way to the famous Soba. I couldn’t help my self to give a try on every single sampler available, not that I enjoy the free-stuff, but of course I enjoy the free delicious noodle by any means! Continue reading

Back to basic: Meatless Today


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Tahu aka. Tofu and Tempe (both are made from soya bean) are my long time friend from childhood. When I was a kid, these were one of the daily meal that we had. They were cheap, quite filling and easy to find. You can find it everywhere in Indonesia. They have become one of our national dish. Continue reading