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Not all of my recipes are successful. Like for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been cooking and bustling in the kitchen. But to be honest… taste wise none of them is worth sharing :D. The pictures of those ‘failed’ products are quite good , though – thanks to the cameraman so I thought why not sharing the pictures with you.

So I’ve made several items:

  • Creme Catalan – Not great, it was too creamy for me
  • Creme catalan bread and butter pudding with peach – Not great too, it was too plain and the peach was not sweet at all 😦
  • Malorca Bread – The bread was soft, very good in texture but  taste wise a bit too ‘yeasty’ ( maybe i could improve it next time by reducing the proofing time)
  • Crunchy vanilla lemon ice cream  – It was good but not great, mostly because the lemon curd was a bit too much

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Well there you go, not all of the kitchen experiments turn out to be good. But with practices and willingness to fail (a lot), next time it would be better :D…

So until then, lets keep cooking and whipping 🙂