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End of last year and the first month of this year was a hell of a ride. I was setting up a business together with my friend which was cancelled due to some issues .Then I got an offer to supply some cakes to local café (which was quite successful) but then I stopped it (only after a month) because I couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand.  Not to mentioned some cake orders for Christmas, New Year and Valentine.

It was really a learning experience, met a lot of new faces, new customers, and of course lots of new failures. But hey, what is life without failures?

Moving along, now, the crazy schedule has finally settled down. I can start to put in some entries here. I don’t have a new recipe to post yet… but for sure I will put some new recipes and probably some other things that I did for the last couple of months.

And hey! I have a new logo and an instagram account: bicilbakes


I will try to post my recent activities and customer orders pictures (whenever I can). So check it out! I will come back with more stories and recipes to share with you!

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