Still Small Chews: Faux Peach Cookies


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The last quarter of the year has always been the busiest time of the year. I’m not sure why but I always get multiple cake orders at the last quarter. Sometime it is quite challenging to balance the work, the cake order, and the recipe-trial-hobby at the same time. But if you ask me which one I like the most, I would have to choose the recipe trial. Not that I don’t enjoy doing the cake order, but I like the feeling of not knowing how the food is going to taste or look like. Well, most of the time it does not look like and taste the way how I expect it to be :)… (I have lots of kitchen failures – if you must know). But still it is just so curious and exciting to try new recipes.

For this new recipe, you are going to get another entry using nutty ingredients. Well, you can blame me for liking them so much. Continue reading


Back with small chew: Florentines


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The last couple of months were a down time for me. The work, the routine, the days, I think I really needed a break. Maybe  I needed a holiday.  But you see, life has no mercy, it keeps coming to you no matter how you feel, no matter how you are so tired of waking up in the morning and drag your self to the office.

But lets just move aside from this mumbling, complaining, non-related-to-food-blog topic to kitchen activities. Continue reading

Weekend Breakfast Menu# 2: Deconstructed Sandwich


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Now breakfast series menu#2. Deconstructed sandwich.

I have grown fond of baguette recently. I could buy that long loaf of pure carb and eat it all by myself on my way home from the train station. It has become my guilty pleasure, right up there, next to noodles. Continue reading

Not so successful weeks


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Not all of my recipes are successful. Like for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been cooking and bustling in the kitchen. But to be honest… taste wise none of them is worth sharing :D. The pictures of those ‘failed’ products are quite good , though – thanks to the cameraman so I thought why not sharing the pictures with you.

Continue reading

Rustic Blueberry Lemon Cake


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Making this cake had cost me, my wedding ring. Whenever I made a cake, I would take out my wedding ring and put it aside – to avoid contamination. But born with clumsiness, I managed to throw away my ring into the rubbish bin – without even realizing it. Up to know I don’t really remember when or where did I throw it away. Well… I guess that’s why it was a wise decision to choose a plain and simple wedding ring – If you lost it, you don’t really cry the whole day because of it. Still, it was a stupid mistake :(… stupid me … next time I’ll just wear on my neck.

Moving on, this cake was inspired by a cake recipe Bakers Royale and one of the recipes from Rachel Khoo book.  The cake was a combination of 4 layers of goodness: Blueberry Sponge Cake, Lemon curd, Mascarpone Cheese and Almond Meringue top. The idea of the cake might be similar with lemon meringue cake , but trust me this one is better. Continue reading