Rustic Blueberry Lemon Cake


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Making this cake had cost me, my wedding ring. Whenever I made a cake, I would take out my wedding ring and put it aside – to avoid contamination. But born with clumsiness, I managed to throw away my ring into the rubbish bin – without even realizing it. Up to know I don’t really remember when or where did I throw it away. Well… I guess that’s why it was a wise decision to choose a plain and simple wedding ring – If you lost it, you don’t really cry the whole day because of it. Still, it was a stupid mistake :(… stupid me … next time I’ll just wear on my neck.

Moving on, this cake was inspired by a cake recipe Bakers Royale and one of the recipes from Rachel Khoo book.  The cake was a combination of 4 layers of goodness: Blueberry Sponge Cake, Lemon curd, Mascarpone Cheese and Almond Meringue top. The idea of the cake might be similar with lemon meringue cake , but trust me this one is better. Continue reading

Weekend Breakfast Menu#1: Savory Crepe


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I’ve mentioned before that I’d like to have postings about various breakfast ideas for your weekends. So here it is.. Breakfast#1: Savory Crepe

Despite the fact that I love making dessert and sweets, for breakfast I prefers savory stuff. I’m not saying that I don’t like pancakes or waffles or cinnamon toast. They are great too.. I might make one of them as part of this breakfast ideas series.

You can also share your preferred breakfast menu with me, maybe I can try it out here .. in my little kitchen. Continue reading

Chewing the Moo: Beef and Puff Pastry


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I love breakfast. I think from all of the food, I like breakfast the most. Especially on weekends, having breakfast with your love ones during weekend morning is bliss. Imagine having a cup of coffee with a slice of fresh warm toast, butter and a perfect sunny side up, sitting on your kitchen bar, while looking out of the window… yeah my kind of weekend.

Maybe one day I will make a compilation of my favorites breakfast menu and post them here. Or maybe one day I open a bed and breakfast inn somewhere in a picturesque vacation island… Or maybe I open a small restaurant (just like Rachel Khoo’s La petite cuisine a Paris) only selling breakfast.

Continue reading

Snow Drops Cookies


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When I was a kid, my mum used to make us a crescent shaped cookie called ‘Putri Salju’ (Indonesian name for Snow White). The cookie is basically a cashew nut cookie that melts in your mouth. It was one of my favorite cookies. I love the crunchy texture of the cookies, the nutty flavor, and how the sugar powder that coats the cookie just melting away the moment you put it in your mouth. Such a happy moment to devour those little angels, well at least until my mum snapped my hand away from the baking tray.

It’s been a long time since the last time I ate those delicious cookies, and I’m craving for it. Continue reading

Pimped Up Chicken Curry aka. Opor Ayam


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Opor Ayam or Chicken curry is basically a traditional Indonesian food that we have during the Moslem festive season: Hari Raya Lebaran.  However, due to the popularity, the dish has turned into some kind of our national dish. So even though our family don’t celebrate the festival, during Hari raya my mum used to cook the dish and distributed it to our neighbors who were celebrating. Continue reading


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