Afternoon Noms: BlueBerry Cheese Bars


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I have to confess … I have been wanting to make Japanese cheese cake ever since my hubby ordered a chiffon cheese cake from my favorite cake shop (Kki Cake shop). I tried about 5 times to make it, and I failed 4 times. I only succeeded 1 time, and it didn’t even have that perfect shape. It was a bit shrinking on the sides, but it was not sinking on the top. It was fluffy and quite nice in terms of texture. Continue reading

Cheese Dip and Bread in Skillet Pan


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Aside from noodle, the next carb-loaded thing that I always have problem resisting is: bread. Not only that I love to eat them, I love to make ‘em. There is something therapeutic about playing with the flour and rolling the dough. Not only that, it is fun to see 4 simple ingredients turn into a big fluffy bread. Continue reading

Sweet Dessert for your Sweet Heart : Mini Orange Cake


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Orange charm

There was cupcakes order for today’s afternoon lunch, so last night was a super busy night. Right after I reached home, I rushed into the kitchen and started  war immediately. To be honest, I hate to see my kitchen dirty, but in the same time I like to play in the kitchen. It is really a disease, it’s like a bipolar behavior, I keep whipping and wiping at the same time. It is really irritating. At the end I finished the whole messy affair at 1 AM, enough activity for Valentine’s day special, eh? Continue reading

Copycat Recipe :Nutella Tart


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I told you I will make a Nutella Tart ;).

This is a copycat recipe from one of the famous menu in EwF (everything with fries). Normally i would come to EwF for a good supply of fries and dessert. Their dessert menu is nothing out of ordinary. But is it so satisfying and homey. Continue reading


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