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Last couple of weeks was a roller coaster. Super busy, super hectic. I have got a wedding cake, wedding favor, wedding candy bar and 2 birthday cakes order. Luckily, office workload was not so crazy so I could focus on my cake orders. It was the first time I did a wedding cake. And I had my friend helping me out to do some of the items for candy bar and decorating the wedding cake. Still, it was a nerve breaking experience, especially with the wedding cake.

We had no back up cake and we are still very new on this. But with full determination and zero experience, we managed to deliver the whole things. The client was happy and we were surprised that almost all of the items were gone at the end of the day. So they liked it :).

Here are some of the pictures from the wedding venue:

DSC01693_final DSC01697_final


For the wedding favor, we made the lovely sakura cookies and wrapped it with wavy papers and ribbon. It turned out to be quite a stunner.


On the same week, there was an order for birthday cakes. This one was a joy to make, because I always love making entremet. She ordered 2 cakes from one of my favorites: Jasmine Delight for her birthday. And she liked it :).


Lesson learned?

When you do something that you love, no matter how painful the process is, at the end of the day you will sleep with a smile on your face (and a backache that needs one good hour massage to get it fixed).


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