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Air bread is a magical bread… It is crispy, tasty, light, holey (it has a hole in the middle).. it is everything you dont really expect from a bread.

So what is Air bread? Well the story begins from a show in Asia Food Channel – Unique Eats , and it was showing this incredible Philly Cheese Steak rendition by Jose Andres (Bazaar). It was totally different from the original Philly cheese steak which basically, burger with thinly sliced beef and cheese. The dish consist of this small oblong shaped air bread, filled with cheese sauce topped with thin sliced kobe beef.  You want to have a look of that beautiful creation? click here.

Well, I have never tried the real thing from the restaurant it self, but lucky for me i found a link that shows me how to replicate the masterpiece.

So i gave it a try.. Verdict? LOVE IT. It is cheesy, light and crispy. Well, i didn’t use the kobe beef (i’m not that crazy), i used salmon sashimi and blow torched it to slightly cooked the salmon before serving it with the bread. Salmon is a good replacement, but i think kobe beef would still win it all the way down ;).. so if you fell a bit (oops, a lot ) fancy, throw that kobe beef on top of it.


Things you need:

Air Bread

  • 107.5 gr warm water
  • 5 gr instant yeast
  • 2 gr Sugar
  • 235 gr Bread Flour
  • 2 gr Kosher salt
  • 27.5 gr melted butter

Cheese Sauce

  • 75 gr Cheedar Cheese
  • 75 gr Emmental Cheese
  • 150 gr whole milk
  • 4 gr sugar
  • Cayenne pepper


  • Salmon sashimi
  • Scallion

Things you need to do:

Making the bread . Stir together water, yeast and sugar in bowl of stand mixer. Add in the flour, salt and butter, then beat it all together with paddle attachment for about 6 minutes or until the dough comes together.  You can also knead it by your self – takes 10 – 15 mins.

Remove the dough from the mixer, cover and let it rest until double in size. Refrigerate for overnight.

The following day, transfer the dough to warm place and pre heat the oven to 200 C. Prepare the baking tray with parchment paper.

Divide the dough into 2 big pieces. Using rolling pin, roll the dough to 2 mm thickness. Cut the dough to oblong shapes (i use my entremet mold) and cook it for 6 mins. It will puff up and turn golden.

Let it cool before using.

Making the sauce. Shred the cheese. Boil the milk and bring it to simmer. Add hot milk and cayenne pepper (as you like) into the cheese and blend it together inside a blender until smooth. Sieve the cheese sauce and set aside.

Putting it all together. Using your blow torch, cook the top of the salmon abit, until the color change to lighter pink. Fill a syringe (no needle) with warm cheese sauce. Inject the cheese sauce into the air bread, take care not to over fill it. Place the salmon on top of the bread, garnish it with abit of mayo and scallion if you like.

DSC00845_final DSC00877_final


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