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A warm dish to warm your heart

When you have a bad monday, this japanese hearty dish is your cure. It’s a no-mess, no-fuss, warm and delicious treat.

You can stack the tasty salmon on top of your rice and make use of that dessert ring to make it tidy. Or…. just simply put them all together in your favorite bowl.

Things you need:

  • Rice
  • Salmon (skin on)
  • Baby spinach (you can skip this one if you don’t feel like it, the original recipe doesn’t call for this)
  • Furikake
  • Hoji Cha or Genmai cha or just about any kind of japanese green tea that you can find in your kitchen cabinet 😉
  • Water
  • 50 ml chicken stock (if you dont have it, use half of Knorr chicken block)

Things you need to do:

Cook your rice in the rice cooker while you prepare your salmon. Pat your salmon (both sides) with a bit of lemon salt (if you dont have it, normal salt will do).
Pan fry your salmon (skin down). Cook your salmon until it changes color and the skin is starting to brown. Once the skin gets crispier, carefully take it off from your salmon. After your salmon is cooked, take it out from the pan and keep cooking your salmon skin till it gets really crispy. Once it is done, put it aside.

Boil 200 ml of water in a sauce pan, put 2 tea bags in. Pour in your chicken stock (or chicken block). Boil until the tea and the chicken stock is well mix. Blanch your spinach with the stock for a few second till it cooked.

Putting all together:

Shred the salmon into small pieces. Drain the water from your spinach, chop it until fine. Put your rice into a rice bowl or deep plate. Then followed with the chopped spinach on top of the rice, then the shredded salmon. Top it with the salmon skin and a pinch of wasabi. Pour the tea into the bowl till half full. Sprinkle the furikake for finishing.

That’s it. Your monday blue cure 😉

Stacked Ochazuke